Call for Makers 2019 Regulation

1. Promoting Subject and Organiser

1. This regulation governs the “Call for Makers 2019” that will take place within the event “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 2019”, (, promoted by the Rome Chamber of Commerce and organized by Innova Camera (hereafter referred to as “Organiser”), special agency of the Chamber of Commerce, with head office in Via de Burrò, 147, 00186 Rome.

2.  Subject of the event “Call for Makers 2019”

1. The purpose of the “Call for Makers 2019” is to promote innovation by spreading the digital culture and developing individual and collective entrepreneurship, rewarding the best projects.

2. In respect of this Regulation, competitive methods will be used to select the makers to participate in the Maker Faire Rome 2019.

3.  Date and location of the event

The event will take place on 18, 19 and 20 October 2019 starting at the Fiera di Roma in via Portuense, 1645. The Organiser reserves the right to change the date, time and place of the event due to technical and organisational needs, notifying the participants with adequate notice. Any changes will be notified to the participants selected by e-mail and through the website

4.  Subjects to which the “Call for Makers 2019” is aimed and participation methods

1. Participation in the “Call for Makers 2019” is free of charge and is for Italian or foreign subjects, either individual persons [1] or juridical entities [2], which intend to submit their projects and participate according to one of the following methods:

  1. displaying the project: two tables and two chairs will be provided for free within the space, so that curious and interested visitors can experience the project on display;
  2. presenting the project to the public: one room or stage will be provided for free where makers can talk about their project or tell their own personal story or deal with specific questions and problems;
  3. holding a workshop: a free area will be provided where makers will be able to hold interactive demonstrations, involving the participants, adults and children, in practical activities;
  4. performing in public: a free space or stage will be provided for makers to perform their creative, technological, robotic or musical performance.

2. Each participant may submit one or more projects and select one of the methods of participation.

5. Methods and terms for submitting applications

1. Requests for participation in the Call for Makers 2019 may only be submitted in accordance with the online procedure, by filling out the form (in Italian or English) available in the restricted area for exhibitors on the official “Maker Faire Rome 2019” website, selecting the method of participation referred to in paragraph 4.1.

2. Requests for participation in the Call for Makers 2019, must be submitted and received no later than June 24, 2019 at 24:00 CEST, subject to any extension of the deadline which is reserved exclusively to Innova Camera and will be made known to potential participants in the “Call for Makers 2019” in the manner that it deems most suitable (publication on the event website for example).

3. To participate in the event, each participant must accept this Regulation and give consent for the processing of their own personal data.

6. Truthfulness of information

1. Participants declare under their own responsibility that all information, data, and, more generally, any other material provided in the submission of the application and/or at any other stage of the “Call for Makers 2019”, meet the criteria of fairness, truthfulness and completeness. Participants must promptly inform the Organiser of any changes to their information.

2. In the event of violation of this provision the participants undertake to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Organisers, Promoters and Sponsors from any claim or claims for compensation filed by any third party and that the participants will be solely and fully responsible for any false declarations they make. 

7. Issues covered by the project submitted and the evaluation criteria

The projects to be presented may concern, for example, the following topics:

  1. 3D printing
  2. 3D scanning
  3. Open hardware
  4. Art
  5. Artisans & New Craft
  6. Biology
  7. Cultural Heritage
  8. Drones
  9. Education
  10. Energy & Sustainability
  11. Fabrication
  12. Fashion & Wearables
  13. Food & Agriculture
  14. Games
  15. Hacks
  16. Home Automation
  17. Internet of Things
  18. Kids & Education
  19. Music & Sound
  20. Open Source
  21. Recycling & Upcycling
  22. Robotics
  23. Science
  24. Steam Punk
  25. Wellness
  26. Healthcare 

2. The following criteria will be followed in the assessment of the projects submitted, under paragraph 4.1 letter a):

  1. The participant must present a working prototype at the fair;
  2. The project must meet the requirements of creativity and originality;
  3. Preference will be given to projects that actively involve the visitors and show, besides the outcome, also the process of creation and construction of the project.

3. The projects will be also judged taking into account the requirements of space, of special technical issues and safety risks.

8. Selection of participants in the “Maker Faire Rome 2019”.

1. According to paragraph 4.1, the evaluation of the acceptance of participation proposals is reserved exclusively for the curators appointed by Innova Camera, who may contact the applicants to request any clarifications and additions that may be necessary for their evaluation. The decision of the curators will be based on the criteria in paragraph 7.2.

2. The decision of the curators is final and they are not required to give reasons for their decisions. Participants expressly agree as of now that they will not raise objections against the appointed curators or their decisions.

3. By July  15, 2019, or whatever other deadline is made known on the event website, acceptance of the participation applications will be notified by e-mail to the subjects selected. All other correspondence concerning the contract and other logistical instructions will follow at a later date.

4. The accepted proposals for displaying projects will be allocated a stand structured by Innova Camera. The presence of this stand is required for the whole time that the “Maker Faire Rome 2019” is open to the public (18-20 October 2019). In any case, the right to participate in the “Maker Faire Rome 2019” by displaying a project is finalised when the relevant contract is signed, which must be done within the deadline indicated by Innova Camera in the selection notification. Should the selected participant not sign the contract, Innova Camera reserves the right to replace them with another Participant on the “waiting list” prepared by the curators.

5. The curators appointed by Innova Camera will select 400 projects for the “Display the project” section. However, Innova Camera reserves the right to change this number on the basis of logistical availability. The location of the projects selected for display will be in the area deemed most suitable, taking into consideration any instructions or requests by the participant if possible.

6. Participation of projects in the “Maker Faire Rome 2019” will be free of charge and no costs will be charged for using the space allocated. The participants selected will not have the right to receive from the organisers and promoters any refunds or compensation for the costs incurred by the makers (for example but not limited to travel, accommodation or equipment charges, etc.).

7. The sale of products and distribution of gadgets will be permitted during participation in the “Maker Faire Rome 2019”.

9. Terms for allocating spaces through the Call for Makers

Each selected project will be entiltled to a space (bare space or pre-built space) agreed with the Organiser.

10. Responsibilities of the Participants

1. Each participant will use the areas in which the event takes place and the equipment made available by the Organiser and/or brought by the participants themselves, with the utmost care and attention and will strictly obey any instructions given by the Organiser in order to ensure safety and the welfare of all participants.

2. Participants must use the spaces provided in compliance with the instructions and directives given by the Organiser and also with any other applicable regulatory disposition – safety rules, fire prevention procedures, etc. In any event, participants must be aware of and respect the dispositions given by the Organiser.

3. If there is any doubt as regards the proper use of the spaces, participants must contact the Organiser, which reserves the tight to forbid any activity being carried out that goes against that provided in this article.

4. Participants also declare that they are aware of the location of the event and deem it to be safe and suited to the context of the event. Therefore, the Organiser will not be responsible for any damage incurred by participants due to theft, robbery, fire, earthquakes, unavailability of utilities (electricity, internet, etc.) and any other type of accident or incident, except in cases in which the damage is directly attributable to malice and/or serious negligence by the Organiser itself.

5. The spaces may not under any circumstances be used for:

  • Carrying out activities that are forbidden by law or in any case contrary to public order or good practice;
  • Carrying out any activity that may represent a hazard for items or persons attending the event or cause problems or prevent the proper performance of the event itself;
  • Carrying out any activity in breach of third party rights concerning, for example but not limited to, brand names, patents, copyright, etc.

11. General Conditions and grounds of exclusion from the Call for Makers 2019

1. The Organiser will have the right to cancel, modify or suspend at any time the Call for Makers 2019 and also all of its content, aspects or selection criteria and also has the exclusive right to postpone or cancel the event due to force majeure.

2. The Organiser will also have the right, at its own exclusive discretion, to disqualify any participants who:

  1. Breach the conditions of this Regulation.
  2. Attempts to misuse the procedure for participation in or the functioning of the Call for Makers 2019.

3. In any case, the Organiser will have the right to proceed in the terms deemed most appropriate, and in compliance with applicable laws, to limit and to prevent any initiative intended to avoid the selection system.

12. Guarantees and indemnities

1. By accepting this Regulation when submitting their applications, all participants in the “Call for Makers 2019” declare and warrant that the project submitted:

  1. is original and, in relation to it, the proposer has the rights to participate in the “Call for Makers 2019”;
  2. does not infringe any protected third parties rights, including patents, trademarks and trade secrets, copyrights, rights from contracts or licenses, rights of privacy, moral rights, rights of publicity or image rights;
  3. is not inherently defamatory or abusive or has any content that can damage the name, the honour or the reputation of the Organiser or any person involved in the “Maker Faire Rome 2019”;
  4. is not in breach of the applicable laws and its contents are not aimed at illegal or misleading conduct, intimidation and harassment.

2. The participants in the “Call for Makers 2019” declare when they submit their candidatures for the “Call for Makers 2019”, that they will fully indemnify and hold harmless the Organisers, Promoters and Sponsors from any claim or compensatory claim submitted by any third party concerning the breach of any one of the dispositions, subject to the maximum deadline allowed by the law.

3. The above holding firm, on submitting their applications, the participants authorise the Promoters, Organisers and Sponsors to:

  1. to use for promotional and advertising purposes regarding participation in the “Call for Makers 2019” their name, company name, image and the name, image and logos identifying the project submitted, also by publishing them on the website www.xxxx  or on third party websites, after being authorised to do so by Innova Camera;
  2. make material concerning their project available to the public on the “Maker Faire Rome 2019” website or on third party websites, after being authorised to do so by Innova Camera;
  3. display their project and the relevant material during conferences, meetings and seminars;
  4. provide third parties who are interested in investing in the development, marketing and economic valorisation of the project with the information required to do so.

13. Registering for the event

1. Participants are aware that during the course of the event, the Organiser or one of their business partners may make audio or video recordings (the Material) of the event and that such recordings may also involve the participants.

2. Participants, after being selected, will be required to provide the Organiser with the necessary documentation (release form), collected among all the individual participants.

14. Competition

1. The Organiser does not recognise any exclusive rights to the Participants.

2. Participants therefore renounce any right, claim or action based on the presence among the participants in the event of one or more of their direct competitors.

15. Intellectual property

1. The intellectual property rights concerning the projects submitted remain the property of the participants, who will be fully responsible for protecting these rights using the means made available for this purpose by the law (registration application, submission of patent application, etc.).

2. The Organiser will not assume any responsibility in the event of use and/or abuse of the idea or project by anyone who may have become aware of them; by effect, participants renounce making any claim for compensation for damages and/or indemnities from the Organizer under any title and for whatever reason or cause.

3. Participants therefore acknowledge that any communication, divulgation and/or publication of their own work, or part of same, in the context of the event and/or using communication means and supports that may be used in the promotion of the event itself (also after it has ended) shall imply the visibility to all participants of the event and/or the community to which the communications are aimed.

16. Effectiveness

The obligations contained in this Regulation shall be effective from the submission of the application and for the maximum time period allowed by the law.

17. Provisions for the protection of personal data

1. The data provided by participants and collected by Innova Camera from the submission of the application for the “Call for Makers 2019”, will be processed according to the Code on the Protection of Personal Data (Legislative Decree 196/2003) and EU Regulation 679/2016, and also in compliance with the dispositions of the Privacy note.

2. The data provided by the participants, and those concerning the project submitted, may be communicated to third parties for the purposes related to the “Call for Makers 2019” and, for the same purposes, may be distributed by publication on the website or on third party websites, subject to authorisation by Innova Camera.

3. The Privacy policy is available on the following website

18. Applicable law and jurisdiction

1. This Regulation is governed by Italian law. Any dispute that may arise in relation to the Regulation and the various conditions contained therein, including any disputes concerning its validity, interpretation, execution, termination or fulfilment, shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Rome Law Courts and any other Law Courts that may be chosen instead shall be excluded.
2. Should any of the dispositions in this regulation not be valid according to the law, rules or regulations in force in a specific country, these will be applied only within the limits allowed.
3. Such competition is excluded from the respect of the discipline provided by D.P.R. 430/2001 “Regulation on award-based competitions and operations), according to article 6, letter a).

19. Acceptance of the Regulation

1. Participation in this competition implies that the participants unconditionally and fully accept the rules and the clauses contained in this Regulation, without any limitation whatever.
2. Should the Organiser encounter any breaches or the rules by a participant, it shall have the right to immediately exclude them from the event.
3. This Regulation is prepared in Italian and English. In cases of discrepancy between the two versions, the Italian version will prevail.

20. Cancellation of the event

1. Should the event be cancelled for any reason, the Organiser will inform the participants in good time.
2. Participants renounce as of now any claims for compensation for damages – including any costs and expenses concerning travel, accommodation, etc. – related to the cancellation of the event, independently of the underlying causes or reasons.


[1] Only individual persons over the age of 18 can participate in the Call for Makers 2019.

[2] All juridical entities can participate in the Call for Makers 2019, with the exception of Universities (public and private) and research or education bodies or institutes (public and private).


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