The interactive DIY shoe kit that stimulates creativity and manual dexterity in children!

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A project designed to stimulate a child’s creativity by activating their “maker” spirit in a fun way


Many contemporary educators are worried about the excess of technology by which children are now surrounded at a very early age. This dependence on technology distances them from manual activities and compromises their ability to imagine creative solutions and construct objects with their own hands. This is why adults, as soon as they have the opportunity, must devise methods to stimulate children’s creativity through their daily activities.


Interactive DIY Shoe Kit. One Size (photo:


The interactive DIY Shoes for Kids project by Raz:beri Design responds to this need with a complete kit for kids to assemble fully-functional shoes.

The assembly process is composed of various steps, which aim to stimulate the creativity and dexterity of the child.

First, the child will construct the silicone sole by intuitively inserting elements consisting of different shapes and colorsin their appropriate positions. Next, with the help of an adult, the child will proceed to attach the sidebands to the silicone sole. The work will be completed when the child attaches the velcro shoe straps and is finally able to wear the shoes that they have just created.


The interactive assembly process (photo:


The whole procedure, alternating between the playful and the more delicate phases, serves to connect children with the object that they are constructing, making them discover the charm of creation and problem solving. In this way, the creative spark that every child is endowed will be stimulated, laying the foundations for the birth and the growth of the “makers” of  tomorrow.


DIY Shoes for Kids (photo:



This project is among the ones selected by Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will be held from 18 to 20 October at the Fiera di Roma. Come and discover it together with your kids! Tickets are now on sale, get yours!