Reduce stress levels to improve the quality of life: the Biobeats challenge

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An innovative company that has been able to attract international attention thanks to their strong passion and a winning idea!


The inspiring story of Biobeats, an all-Italian company that has gained international attention, is that of a dream that has come true thanks to tenacity and dedication.

The initial idea was born at the University of Pisa and came to life in 2012 following a meeting between Davide Morelli and Davide Plans, both music and technology enthusiasts, with the entrepreneur Nadeem Kassam.

From their collaboration comes a company whose focus is very much in line with the needs of the modern world, namely, that of preserving mental and consequently physical well-being – in a daily life that puts us under constant stress.


Photo: Pxhere


Given its mission, Biobeats has become a reality particularly suited to the business world. In fact, it is no secret that the stress of employees, in addition to considerably increasing risk factors for various diseases, also compromises productivity to the point of becoming an aspect on which employers are constantly focused.


Thanks to the BioBase app and a wearable device developed by Biobeats, employees can monitor their physical parameters (sleep quality, cardiac activity, and stress) by detecting critical issues and designing strategies to overcome them.


App and wearable device Biobeats (photo: Biobase)



More than a company, Biobeats is, therefore, a path to well-being, which aims to counteract the anxiety-induced influences of everyday life by re-establishing a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship between mind and body.

The project will be present at Sportech, a new section at ​​the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019  that is focused on the convincing and efficacious combination of technology, sports, and wellness. Come and discover it from 18 to 20 October at Fiera di Roma.