Pattern your life: the infinite possibilities of digital fabrication

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From Campania comes a project that brings together hundreds of realities that are fabricating objects and creating innovations in the most diverse fields


Creating objects starting from digital designs – Reading this phrase, many will immediately think of 3D printing techniques, which allow a maker to give shape to any idea that comes to mind by using cutting-edge software and digital fabrication techniques.

In fact, it is precisely due to these technologies that today we are witnessing a boom in the development of what can be called “digital craftsmanship”. Let’s find out more about this by taking a look at an Italian project called “Pattern Your Life”.


Pattern Your Life
Pattern Your Life

Pattern Your Life is a project that brings together approximately 200 experimental projects in the field of digital fabrication, and that also involves companies, designers, FabLabs, and makerspaces. Their goal? To demonstrate to everyone that virtually anything and everything can be designed and created using digital fabrication technologies.

That’s right! Due precisely to these innovative ways of designing and fabricating, the possibilities are enormous, and applicable in many different fields, as demonstrated by the realities that have become an integral part of this project.

Pattern Your Life is an idea conceived by Rossella Siani, an Italian architect specialized in digital fabrication and parametric design, who works at the University of Naples Federico II. She is also the author of numerous scientific articles for magazines and international conferences, as well as a member of the Virtual Architecture Handicraft Art project (VAHA) in Nocera Inferiore (Salerno). Therefore, research studies, exercises, practical application with students and various experiments have led the teacher to create this special project, characterized precisely by being transversal and projectable to different disciplines, from cultural heritage to design.


foto: VAHA
photo: VAHA


Indeed, digital fabrication is truly a sector in constant evolution and growth, which offers many potentialities and possibilities that go beyond the rigid canons of traditional architecture, design, and production. The Pattern Your Life project will be present, along with other innovations regarding technology and architecture, at the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will take place from 18 to 20 October at Fiera di Roma.


La stampa 3D (foto: Pixabay)
3D printer (photo: Pixabay)