From 10 to 13 December 2020 Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition returns, the event that takes you into the future!

Maker Faire Rome, in Europe, is now an essential appointment for technology enthusiasts, digital artisans, schools, universities, educators, research centers, artists, students, businesses and an audience of curious people. every age ready to jump into the future! 

MFR20, a “blended” event! 

The eighth edition of Maker Faire Rome, initially scheduled for October, will run from 10 to 13 December as a result of the current coronavirus emergency which has forced to reschedule all public participation initiatives. And an event such as MFR, which is based on applied innovation, could only draw inspiration from this event to renew itself and also adapt to the new standards of remote usability by delocalizing the event. 

That’s why MFR20 will take place Onsite, Online, Onlife! 

The event will be organized with a new, immersive and virtual format, which will favor the use of digital systems through a multi-channel platform to bring together the public and businesses, makers, dreamers and estartup in which to turn on new networking opportunities and offer a customer. experience able to engage the public in a memorable way, even beyond the physical event’s icons. 

In the 2020 edition of MFR, Rome continues to be the main hub of the event and the program is enriched with appointments, enhancing the offer of moments and training content dedicated to professionals in the sector and the public, through an innovative digital platform, which makes it possible to enjoy streaming and / or broadcasting similar to physical events. 

We are working on an event that can also take place simultaneously in the rest of Europe, in digitally connected physical places with the involvement of: 

  • Fab Lab
  • Maker Space  
  • University  
  • Research centers 
  • Embassies / Consulates 
  • Schools 
  • Private laboratories and makerspace  
  • Innovation Hub  
  • Coworking spaces 
  • Company spaces  
  • Community Institutional Offices 

Main topics 

Robotics and artificial intelligence, circular economy, IoT – Internet of things, digital manufacturing, foodtech, agritech, urbantech, smart mobility, sport tech, health, sustainable construction, virtual and augmented reality, aerospace, artech, edtech and many others. 

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