Kids & Education Area

Kids & Education Area

What is the Kids & Education Area?

At the “Kids & Education Area” aspiring young makers, from 4 to 15 years of age, can see with their eyes what it really means to be a maker by sharing and taking part in many electronics, robotics, programming, digital and creative activities. The watchword is learning by doing.

1.    Exhibition Space

The Exhibitions Space is the place where all the young participants have the chance to meet makers and innovators coming from all over the world and see their projects.

Access: free access to visitors, no registration required.

2.    Open Lab Area

A big, interactive area capable of accommodating a large number of participants.
Children were accompanied and supported by instructors as they explored a wealth of activities and had fun, coding, programming robots or building robotic structures and machines.

Access: access to the area is reserved for children only.

3.    Teaching islands

The right place to discover robotics and learn to code, craft and prototype!

Access: reservation required on site (at the entrance of the island).

4.    Fablab for Kids

At Fablab for Kids, young participants discovered all the most interesting machinery in digital “do-it-yourself,” and attended lab sessions .

Access: registration required on site (at the entrance of the fablab).

5.    Attractions

Interactive and spectacular activities ready to welcome and impress all the visitors.

Access: free access, no registration required.

6.    Show

Have you ever met crazy scientists and technological wizards? Join our interactive shows and get ready to experiment the innovation with your hands!

Access: Free entry. 

Here some of the activities planned in the FabLabs and in the Kids Area Stage