How to apply

Maker Faire is all about showcasing your projects, inventions, skills, ideas and arts.

If you want to share your project or your talent with our community and the huge audience then consider exhibiting with us at Maker Faire Rome the largest and most prestigious exhibition venue in Europe.

Everyone is a “Maker” and you may be willing to share, therefore everyone is welcomed!

Maker Faire Rome is an all–ages gathering of ideas, projects, DIY, prototypes, innovative products, inventions, industrial robotics, model building, food, clothing and much more: this is the place where everyone can share his “know how”, improve technical, creative and artisanal skills but  also learn and talk about the future and try to build it.

We give space to creative, innovative, fun and interactive projects showing the process by which something is realized and that enrich visitors communicating passion and talent.

Individuals, groups, associations, companies, research institutes, schools and universities: everyone can participate as an exhibitor.

Maker Faire Rome is a great celebration of creativity, not limited to business but rather open to all forms of innovative applications, from the most serious to the most imaginative projects.

The exhibited projects will be empowered on the website and by our press & media team through newspapers, radio and television stations, which have always dedicated a lot of attention to all the participants.

Applying to Maker Faire Rome means high visibility, many contacts and really quite a fun.

In addition, who does not have a project may participate in teaching the public how to do practical things by sharing their skills or running a performance: from music to science.

  • Are you a student or a teacher interested in participating with your school? 

    The “Call for Schools” is closed! 

  • Are you a Maker interested in submitting a project or, holding a workshop, giving a talk, showing a presentation or a performance?

    The “Call for Makers” closed officially on July 10th, 2019.

  • Do you want to submit a project of your University or Research Institute?

    The “Call for Universities and Research Institutes” closed officially on July 10th, 2019.

  • Want to join Maker Faire Rome as a partner? Want to buy an exhibition space?

    Having an exhibition space at Maker Faire Rome guarantees a high visibility and the opportunity to create a net of new connections.
    If you are interested you can submit your request to

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