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Pier Alfeo
Itinerant sound performance based on the assimilation of real-time data from the analysis of the soundscape to the translation into art.

Kamel Abdelouahab, François Berry, Luca Maggiani, Jean Jacques Lemaire
SleEPy - when Artificial Intelligence engages well-being
   - Sma-RTy SAS

Fabiana Arduini, Veronica Caratelli, Vincenzo Mazzaracchio, Noemi Colozza, Eleonora Marcoccio, Danila Moscone
Paper-based (bio)sensors for i) precision medicine, ii) evaluating polluted environmental samples and concrete artwork state, iii) fast detection of BC warfare agent

Referente: Rita Trerè - Studenti ITS Tonito Emiliani (Silvia Aprile, Aurora Balducci , Ilaria Biffara, Luca Bortolotti, Dominga Cutecchia, Angelo Marcuccio, Simona Michela Moretti, Paola Nuovo Gomez
Function, innovation e design. A ceramic self-watering pot. Shapes and textures made with the ceramic 3D printer, exclusive artistic decorations.
   - Referente: Rita Trerè - Studenti ITS Tonito Emiliani (Silvia Aprile, Aurora Balducci , Ilaria Biffara, Luca Bortolotti, Dominga Cutecchia, Angelo Marcuccio, Simona Michela Moretti, Paola Nuovo Gomez

Prof. Stefano Panzieri, Ing. Chiara Foglietta, Ing. Riccardo Colelli, Ing. Cosimo Palazzo
Is a security device able to filter out attacks to the protocol and, using deep packet inspection, to understand data injection.
   - Università degli Studi Roma Tre

CHT srl, ITS Tirreno
Smart device for the rehabilitation of hemiplegic patients or those with deambulation problems.

I ragazzi iscritti al 1° anno del percorso ITS Tecnico superiore per la gestione e la verifica degli impianti energetici (Fondazione ITS Efficienza Energetica Piemonte - A.F. 2018/19)
A layout shows an integrate system of intelligent electricity distribution network (smart grid) for charging car batteries or for energy storage using interchargeable car battery in replacement stations.
   - ITS Tecnico superiore per la gestione e la verifica degli impianti energetici (Fondazione ITS Efficienza Energetica Piemonte - A.F. 2018/19)

Applications and prototypes from both the Internet of Things laboratory course of the University of Siena and the research group.

Development of innovative packaging models, to guarantee food traceability, correct consumer information, sustainability and design for all, through the use of augmented reality

Alvaro Passeri
"Smart Taxi", is a three-wheeled bike, driven by a skeleton.
   - Alvaro Passeri

Cool Projects srl
Smart office management, resource optimization and energy consumption.

Italian design meets the pipe, and sets a new way of smoking. Blending innovation and tradition, smokka is born, the modern pipe with a strong personality: yours

Lab RoCoCo@DIAG - Sapienza University of Rome
Social interaction with intelligent robots
   - Dipartimento DIAG Università di Roma "La Sapienza"

Gian Paolo QUARTA
TUBE-T3 is an IoT ATEX-sensor for pressure and temperature monitoring of a fluid or gas, with battery and LTE-CatM1/NB communication.
   - ONYAX SRL - Circular Eni - Networking Day. Fare rete con le PMI per l’economia circolare

Biomechatronics Laboratory, University ‘Magna Graecia’ of Catanzaro , ITALY
Soft Robot for Nociceptive Threshold Evaluation
   - University of catanzaro

4 AM Liceo Statale "A. Manzoni" di Latina
An exhibition of innovative products in the field of music, which exploit the technologies of FabLab and photonics

Fabio Ballanti, Giovanni Saggio
Using a glove equipped with sensors it'll be possible to play a virtual piano in a three-dimensional graphic environment, just moving the hand (or both hands).

Adriana Postiglione
It holds galaxies together, moves stars and planets and dominates the whole Universe, bending space and time. Gravity is one of the most fascinating forces in nature: discover it together.
   - Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Matteo Cristini, Alberto Nidasio
We built a drone fleet with recycled material, to be able to monitor how climate changes affects water environments.

Spectrum Filaments
Spectrum Group Ltd. a family-owned company was established at the end of May 2015. The facility is based in Pecice near Warsaw, Poland. Our company is manufactu …

Studenti e laureanadi che operano nel Laboratorio di Oleodinamica e Pneumatica del Dipartimento di Ingegneria – Sezione Meccanica
Vehicle for experimental activities on the cooling systems of internal combustion engines. On board data acquisition (Implemented on open hardware Arduino UNO) of - the engine control unit - the operating parameters of the cooling system
   - Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Spexor Consortium
Spinal exoskeleton for low back pain prevention
   - Jožef Stefan Institute

Ennio Picarelli - IBM
IBM is leading an Open Source project merged into the Watson OpenScale which aims to detect Bias within ML models.
   - Ennio Picarelli - IBM

Andre Maia Chagas, Karen Haink
Spikeling is an Arduino based open source artificial neuron for teaching and building physical neuronal networks.

Classe 3D dell'indirizzo Biotecnologico dell'I.I.S.S. Calamatta di Civitavecchia
"SPIRULINA: COSMESI E NON SOLO" is a project conceived and developed by the 3D high school class of the Biotechnological course of I.I.S.S. Calamatta of Civitavecchia. The project, now at an advanced stage, has created a pilot photobioreactor, entirely made inside the school with 3Dprinted parts and a control system with sensors that use the Arduino platform. The main purpose of the photobioreactor is the biosynthesis of Spirulina, a blue-green, unicellular and photosynthetic microalgae, with a spiral and filamentous structure, with versatile virtues and characteristics already known in literature. Once the alga has been extracted from the culture bath and dried, after careful quantitative and qualitative investigations, the product is destined to become primarily an ingredient in cosmetics but also, in future developments, a precursor for modern Nutraceuticals.

SPlastica srl: Gatto Emanuela, Valentina Armuzza, Raffaella Lettieri, Agri Island srl (Giordano Ferrari, Pierpaolo Lacquaniti, Andrea Moresco)
SPlastica srl is an innovative start-up that produces compostable bioplastics from food waste.
   - Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Francesca Bollito, Andrea Castelli, Federica Padovano, Eleonora Ferrero, Victoria Lopez
Squeezer 46 is a device for wringing out sponges and rags for people who don't have the full mobility of their hands.
   - Hackability, Associazione Senza Fine di Lucro

Luca Rastrelli
The SRR is a robotic exoskeleton. It adds strength to the strength generated by muscles
   - Luca Rastrelli

Paolo Orsini, Natalia Kalinska, Diego Di Fabio, Lisa Tedeschini, Eliana Esposito, Emanuela Migliozzi.
Realization of objects and gadgets Steampunk and not handmade or with the help of electronic design and numerical control machines.

STMicroelectronics S.r.l.
About STMicroelectronics ST is a global semiconductor leader delivering intelligent and energy-efficient products and solutions that power the electronics at …

Renato Reggiani
We will product an easy seeding system to eliminate plastic in agricolture.

Pierluigi Zerbini & Andrea Orazi
A compact monitoring tool to connect to the car's OBD2 port. The color LCD touch screen display, shows all the information available on the car control unit. It is also able to calculate the power of the car in KW or CV in real time.
   - Pierluigi Zerbini

Emiliano Rosatelli
8QUATTRO produces handmade accessories by using original pages of vintage magazines and genuine leather. Every 8QUATTRO product is unique!
   - Emiliano Rosatelli

Alessia Arveni
The Scuderia Tor Vergata is a student university association founded in 2013 with the aim of competing in the International Engineering Design Competition Formula SAE.
 The competition, open to university students only, envisages the design and production of a single-seater racing, assessed during a series of static and dynamic tests. The great value of our project is to offer students participating in the possibility of developing their skills and acquiring new ones, inevitably contributing to the vocational training of the same in terms of • Group work
 • Communication
 • Technical and organizational skills
   - Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Sunflower high efficiency solar panels: It is a sunseeker system for photovoltaic panels. Our system has several advantages compared to normal sunseekers. First of all our system uses a single motor instead of two to guarantee the most favorable angle of incidence throughout the whole day for maximum efficiency of the solar panels; it can also allows to be mounted both a flat roof or on a pitch of the south-facing roof or again on a roof-type frame that allows you to create an underlying space for garage for example electric cars.

Sara Sossi, Carlo Fonda, Marco Baruzzo, Gaya Fior, Erika Ronchin, Enrique Canessa
Device with a big Fresnel lens, automatically positioned, focussing the sunlight in order to heat and melt plastic granulates produced by grinding plastic waste. The objective is to create new useful object from waste, by fusion of plastic, casting/molding, and (in future) 3D printing. We will show example of objects made with the device.

Aura Satz
A sound-sculpture using the principle of a pendulum and electronic circuit paint, generating repetitive rhythms with phasing patterns.
   - Aura Satz

Marzia Grammatico
Boxes of traditional and cake design confectionery , almost real furnishing accessories , thanks to creative study on reusing materials .
   - Marzia Grammatico

Lorenzo Arnold, Matteo Brencic, Caterina Lauri, Bernardo Prempe, Edoardo Trombini
Interactive toy for blind children with the aim of developing their spatial perception and the association of sounds with images.
   - Lorenzo Arnold, Matteo Brencic, Caterina Lauri, Bernardo Prempe, Edoardo Trombini

Team rosa: cinque ragazze ecofriendly
Robotics and IOT tailored to sustainable farming and acquaculture.
   - Liceo Scientifico "Luigi Siciliani" Catanzaro - Olimpiadi Scuola di Robotica

A journey between past, present and future technological activities by INAF

TEKO Company was founded on 1957. Helping you gain a competitive advantage through innovative electronics enclosures. Teko delivers world-class enclosures to el …

Paolo Boatto
Low cost telemetry system for the study and improvement of vehicle's dynamics.
   - Paolo Boatto

Michele Conati
The Telescopic Yagi consists of an innovative, telescopic, modular, transportable and economical antenna.

MOS Technology
We want to make a revolution in the field of computing, starting from scratch and from where the gurus that have led the PCs to dominate the world have started!

Antonio Ianiero
Thaumachines - Technologies that induce wonder. Over the last few years I have built various machines that have as common feature to do amazing things for those who look at them.

Richard Garet
The Four Horsemen is an installation that utilizes text from the Book of Revelation to caption digitized handmade 16mm celluloid.
   - Richard Garet

Antonio D'Onofrio
Modulor is a kinetic architecture of 4 equal modules with mechanisms, levers and arms that open and close in sync

Hiteg group in collaboration with SinAlfa s.r.l.
The headwaear of future to help tetraplegics to use a smartphone, to open a door and to play games
   - Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Steampact Project
An interactive Steampunk workshop, with crafts and furniture that seem to come out from a Jules Verne's novel.
   - Steampact Project
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