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The goal of this project is to make the integration of constant speed motor controlling easy and user-friendly and to remove the hassle of building custom solutions for every project that requires this feature.
This is achieved by allowing an easy connection to encoders and by having multiple ways to communicate such as WiFi, USB, I2C, UART and direct PWM. Our hardware is also capable of sensorless closed loop control, but it is not yet implemented in software and will be available as an update.
An easy GUI will let users quickly set up the board for any specific application they need.



Samuele D'Angelo, Francesco Brocca, Vittorio Ludovico Viero

We are a group of innovators who had known each others for years.
Our goal is to make and bring new technologies to the world and, by doing so, try to make it a better place.

Stand E9 (pav. 8) - Samuele D'Angelo, Francesco Brocca, Vittorio Ludovico Viero

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