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Artica Instruments - Physical Devices for Analog Minds
Artica Instruments - Physical Devices for Analog Minds

Artica Instruments - Physical Devices for Analog Minds

Artica Instruments is the sum of more than 10 years of experience in physical interfaces and physical computing. The idea came from the need of creating a physical interface with flexibility and modularity in mind.

It all started in 2018 when Guilherme was building a MIDI step sequencer, after two prototypes and preparing to make a third prototype, he finds that if he had a modular system that enables him to layout the interface and feels it in real time from an interaction point of view, it would be remarkably more straightforward.

Guilherme had to learn to design PCB's (printed circuit boards) from scratch, and after a while, the first modules started to arrive in the mailbox. Many ideas for different modules also started appearing, right now this is the modules list at the moment:

Each module has:

1 x protoboard
4 x momentary buttons
4 x D6R momentary buttons
4 x potentiometers
4 x toggle switch
4x LED's
4 x RGB addressable LED's
4 x mini jack connectors
1 x Multiplexer Aggregator
2 x Multiplexer Aggregator
Teensy 3.2 + LevelShifter breakout
Teensy 3.6 + LevelShifter breakout

These are totally generic modules, the user can choose what microcontroller to use and development platform.

The modules can be easily assembled using a custom PVC rack design. All this system is compatible with EuroRack.

A dedicated website and online store are being created, and also all the essential content (documentation, tutorials and use cases). We are planning a public release by September / October. Meanwhile, we are waiting for the final PCB's to arrive and to be tested and to be mass produced.

Artica Instruments - Physical Devices for Analog Minds

Guilherme Martins

Guilherme Martins has been a maker/hacker; self-thought visual artist for the last 20 years. Specialized in visual arts and motion graphics for video projection in operas, theatre and dance performances while created a lot of weird robots, and eventually ended up lecturing several Creative Robotics workshops all around Portugal.
In 2011 co-funded Artica Creative Computing, a technology tailoring company dedicated to the creation of all sorts of "things" that do not exist. Artica specialities go from software development (AR, VR, interactive games), interactive sculptures, hardware and electronics development and product prototyping.
Guilherme had been music passionate ever since, in 2018 started to create his hardware MIDI sequencer, and after some attempts, he learnt PCB design and created a set of generic modules, enabling him to develop physical interfaces the way he always dreamt. Guilherme brings to Maker Faire Rome '19 this set of generic modules, and his new project entitled Artica Instruments.

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