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ALAN-2 is a prototype of a tracked Robot which, due to its technological features, can have civil and / or military uses.
Due to its small size it can be used in research operations in contaminated and dangerous areas, on uneven and disconnected terrain, as well as exploring difficult-to-reach routes.
Through a network of sensors it is possible to detect multiple physical quantities such as humidity, temperature, PH as well as the detection of metal objects.
ALAN-2 supports machine learning, autonomous navigation and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) which allows the machine to construct a plan of the environment in which it operates, usable in a special graphic viewer (RVIZ) by use of a rotary LIDAR Laser Scanner (360 °).
Added to this is the NAV function with which it is possible to give the Robot a mission simply by indicating points on a map.
The ROS (Robot Operating System) system together with the Intel Movidius II (Neural Network Hardware) with as many as 100 GFlops of processing power, provides support to all this allowing access to the Artificial Intelligence without any Cloud connection. The machine is equipped with a graphic user interface where there is a joystick for manual control, a graphic Geo Localizer provides its position through the use of a GPS with different types of display (Street view and Satellite), and an Altimeter.
The Robot is also equipped with a Full HD camera that provides the point of view of the Streaming machine, together with the possibility of taking high resolution pictures that can be stored on a microSD card.
In the presence of low light we supplied the machine with a LED light (specially designed and built) with dual lighting (white and infrared light).
A lithium battery pack together with a plant with photovoltaic panels (which keep it recharging when it is used outdoors), guarantee a long autonomy of use.
The charge information is displayed on the graphical interface in the form of icons with percentage, so that the remote user is aware of it (the measurement circuit and the related software module are custom).
Remote control occurs in two modes: Internet or LAN using a long range Wireless Router integrated into the machine.
ALAN-2 is equipped with a Smart Charging Station specially designed and built, completely autonomous.
It consists of a touch-screen display where the recharge information (percentage of recharge, voltage and recharging time) and a multicolored status LED are displayed.
The same information can be accessed remotely directly from Browser from any Device, thanks to the exposed Web-Server. The heart of the charging station is a microcontroller that manages the entire charging process, with specially developed software. It also integrates an SD memory reader, where various statistics information from the Robot and the Station itself will be saved. The connection to the robot takes place through a magnetic connector with retractable cable.


Giuseppe Massaria, Antonio Idà

Giuseppe Massaria
Software Developer

Antonio Idà
Hardware Developer

Stand - Giuseppe Massaria, Antonio Idà

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