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"Mastergroove", esplorazione e didattica del basso elettrico

"Mastergroove" helps in the approach to the bass guitar:
1- Midi fingering: the cord pressure points are shown on the display in real time(current note and next note)
2- Audio synthesizer with fingering similar to the bass guitar
3- Specific hardware for output and input:
- Integration of LEDs on a true bass guitar, showing the display notes.
- Customized synthesizer, with form factor and button positioning like a true bass guitar.
4- "Mastergroove game" to train the left hand to the sequences of notes (a sort of guitar hero with 60 buttons and unlimited songs)

Michele Seraglio

Michele Seraglio, 35 years old.
Since I was young, lover of computer science, volleyball and music.
Now I work as software architect, I play beach volley, but I still haven't learned to play bass guitar..
.. so I started to create a tool to facilitate this achievement ;)

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