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"Orto di Classe" 2019 MFR Edition

Greta Thunberg and climate change are two subjects that are too serious and important for the future of our planet to not even address them by Maker. Building an innovative educational garden with photosynthesis stimulators and sensors with BioPic is within the reach of all classes. The BioPic Led vegetable gardens and vertical vegetable gardens on wheels in drawers with table handles allow you to cultivate and do hundreds of experiments directly in Class, Laboratory or Garden. With "Orto di Classe", you can cultivate your low consumption “Orto di Classe”, even without a garden, thanks to the special agronomic LEDs patented by BioPic on NASA technology and Osram components, developed for plant growth in low light environments. And from this year with the new sensor that allows you to measure soil light, humidity, temperature and fertility.

Renato Reggiani

Romano, 50 years old, Maker and scientific journalist and expert in eco-sustainable communication. I founded Biopic “Smart Urban farming and, my heart is divided between Italy, Holland and Japan, where he studied and worked in Rotterdam and Tokyo. Inventor and designer I filed two industrial patents. I founded the Communications Frontiers Association to teach Chinese and Italian primary school children. Fulminated on the San Francisco route by Maker Faire. I collaborated with the Faculty of Communication Sciences of Rome and the Polytechnic of Milan Faculty of Architecture in Piacenza. Awarded in Copenhagen for Corporate Social Responsibility, I haven't seen the mermaid yet. You can change the world one garden at a time.

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