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  • Giugno 26, 2020
    Space Engineer. It’s hard not to be distracted by all of the tricked out smartphones available today… Especially when they’re always right at our fingertips.   That’s why engineer Jus...Space Engineer Designs a Rotary Cell Phone Th...
    Giugno 24, 2020
    Have you ever heard about a "robot dog"? Well, meet Spot, the new robotic helper, created by Boston Dynamics, which might give agriculture workers a hand! Video Robot dog tries to herd sheep
    Giugno 18, 2020
    Colour Theory - Some info you might need to know to make your project or presentation catchy . Take your time and learn about its principles.Colour Theory – Tips for your project
    Giugno 18, 2020
    zoos and aquariums around the world grapple with new bans on wildlife trade The robotic dolphin is so life-like that the volunteers who swam with it were shocked to learn […]Robotic dolphin solve ethical dilemma
    Giugno 4, 2020
    This farm in Benin is leading Africa’s zero waste initiative The project inspiring an agricultural movement. Thirty-five years ago, with just one acre of land, a couple of seeds and […]Meet Benin’s zero waste farmer
    Giugno 3, 2020
    The UN had launched the campaign. Thousands of creators from around the world submitted their work. Creators from around the world generously submitted their work to help communicate important messag...United Nations COVID-19 response Creative Con...
    Maggio 16, 2020
    from the later part of this year, they will be converted for use to farm food crops The tender for nine such sites was launched last May 12 by the […]Nine carpark rooftops in Singapore to be conv...
    Maggio 10, 2020
    “bubble shield” by designlibero imagines a solar-powered personal space   For this project Libero Rutilo and Ekaterina Shchetina of DesignLibero have brought the phrase ‘living in y...Living in a bubble: safe or dystopian?
    Maggio 7, 2020
    A Bubble, mobile personal protective space that suits many needs, from safety to relax, for medical staff   When fighting against COVID-19, doctors on the front line might be exposed […]A mobile bubble-like space to protect COVID-1...
    Aprile 15, 2020
    The currents lockdown is changing many habits and people are discovering - or reconsidering - products that are now increasing their distribution, by becoming much more interesting and valued. Products suddenly interesting during a lockdo...