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Maker Faire Rome is the most important European event dedicated to innovation and it represents a marvellous opportunity for companies, organisations and institutions to promote their products or services, their projects and to make contact with a large audience, one that is both competent and qualified.

Maker Faire Rome is the event at which you can experience firsthand the digital revolution that is changing the way we produce and the way we live. It is the stage for companies and innovators who use the new digital culture as a means of meeting the challenge of the markets. It is the trade fair that speaks in plain language about the future that awaits us, as well as exploring what is already among us. It is an event that combines science, technology, entertainment and business in a unique format where it is possible to create real business opportunities. It is an event in which innovation is within everyone’s reach through experiential paths, where visitors play an integral and active part. At Maker Faire it is possible to learn, have fun and do business.

Enterprise 4.0, IoT, Digital Electronics and Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Robotics, Aerospace, Automation and Home Automation Systems, Circular Economy, Agriculture 4.0, Intelligent Mobility and Autonomous Guidance Systems, Drones, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Health, Well-being and Sport, STEM Education, Art and Technologies for the Cultural Heritage: these are the main themes of the event that are able to integrate the exhibition with a rich programme of conferences, talks, workshops, performances and 4.0 training activities.


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  • To develop your business and meet the experts in the filed;
  • Give your company maximum exposure by entering a marketing virtuous process
  • Meet a great deal of participants, including professionals, young people and students during the event.
  • Let your brand be seen as new, different, fresh and original.
  • Open up a lasting exchange with an international movement – the Makers – who are present in 120 nations.
  • Increase brand awareness among target consumers.
  • To better define projects and products, in an ever-changing industry, thanking to the presence of partners and qualified visitors.
  • To participate in the development of ideas and innovative contents of the fourth industrial revolution.

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The event offers various ways to become a partner thanks to its approach geared to enhance the presence of individual businesses or organisations by creating a single narrative with high engagement both Onsite and Online. For further informations contact us by filling the form below.  

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