About us

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is promoted by the Rome Chamber of Commerce and organized by its agency Innova Camera (formerly Asset Camera).

The mission of the Rome Chamber of Commerce is fostering the development of the territory and enterprises of Rome and improving the quality of life of its citizens. According to the definition provided by Italian legislation: “It performs tasks of general interest to the enterprise system, managing their development in the local economies”

Innova Camera is the “in house” agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome for the enhancement of social and economic innovation, acting in synergy with other institutions and with the enterprise system, combining competitiveness and solidarity, progress and social inclusion for the economic growth of the territory.

Innova Camera organizes – among other projects – Maker Faire Rome-The European Edition and – in this special case – operates under license from Maker Media inc. the American Company that owns the Maker Faire Brand worldwide,

Innova  Camera invests its resources and know-how in the development of a competitive and cutting edge environment, endowed with modern physical and non-physical infrastructures and with services designed to meet the enterprises’ needs.

Innova  Camera, strongly believe that a new economic Reinaissance may spring out of the maker movement and the maker culture behind it. There is a lot to make in order for the economic system to compete on a larger scale, cultural and social evolution come together with innovation and The Maker Faire-The European Edition is a project capable of combining those factors.